Brazil is currently the country with the highest incidence of murders of trans people in the world. This data provides a sombre reading of trans reality but, in spite of the figures and a government that is clearly against the development of safe spaces for LGBTI+ people or policies that lead to equality, film has become a fascinating, powerful tool for understanding trans life and one that overcomes all of these pressures.

In this season, the lead characters provide a transversal perspective of different trans experiences in Brazil in three recently produced works: Bixa Travesty (2018), Indianara (2019) and Valentina (2020), this last one selected in Official Section this year.

Bixa Travesty provides a perspective through artistic creation and performance art with the multidisciplinary dissident Linn da Quebrada.

Indianara reveals the reality of marginalised people in the area of sex work, their internal self-organisation and some of their emotional and personal conflicts.

Valentina addresses the more socialised trans realities, in educational contexts and in welcoming emotional environments.

An excellent opportunity to take a deeper look at a fascinating, complex subject area through cinematography that is engaged, fresh and vibrant.

Amnesty International will give a brief introduction on the situation of trans people in Brazil and discuss the Marielle Franco case, more than 1,000 days after her murder and still without any clarification regarding the circumstances of her death.