Dir: Alba Barbé i Serra

Spain | 2017 | 103’

O.V. Catalan and Spanish with Spanish subtitles

Johanna Tonini > info@moviesforfestivals.com

EnFemme is a club, a small haven of anonymity in the metropolis of Barcelona, opens the door to the secret: “I like dressing as a woman”. And little by little it will uncover gender fluidity in a vertiginous world that constantly demands that we take a stance.

The advent of the Internet gave a voice to a group of people who started thinking of themselves as cross-dressers. They didn’t fit in the picture that “the transvestite” left as a legacy of the gay liberation movements during the final stages of Franco’s regime or ‘the transition’ to democracy in the ‘70s. EnFemme reveals the silence of a personal journey that cannot be hidden any longer but also the solidarity and the importance of pleasure when it comes to identity building.

Enfemme displays, shows and stimulates deep reflection and a wise experience: we are what we create and what we believe we are.

World premiere