Dir: Myriam Fougère


Canada | 2017 | 60’

O.V. Portuguese, French, Italian, English & Spanish, with Spanish subtitles

Groupe Intervention Video GIV > info@givideo.org

Feminista is a feminist road movie, a journey to the heart of global feminism. In 2015, Myriam Fougère joined a group of young activists who had formed a caravan to travel across twenty European countries, from Turkey to Portugal, by the way of the Balkans, to Italy and Spain. As a breath of solidarity, Feminista provides a rare glimpse into a widespread feminist groundswell movement, possibly one of the largest, least understood and unrecognized mass political movements that is very much alive throughout the world today.

A simple documentary that will take us to the heart of this lively, unstoppable adventure that is full of humanity.

Basque premiere

FESTIVALS: Lesgaicinemad 2017, 31 Mix Milano Film Festival, Florence Queer Festival (2017), Festival International du Film Lesbien et Féministe de Paris