Dir: Karole Di Tommaso

ScrKarole Di Tommaso, Chiara Atalanta Ridolfi

CastLinda Caridi, Maria Roveran, Andrea Tagliaferri

Italy | 2018 | 101’ | Fic

O.V. Italian, with English and Spanish subtitles   

This is the story of two women who love each other and of their desire to have a child together. Karole and Ali still don’t know that the enthusiasm of this first attempt will be followed by many vicissitudes, but when the desire becomes stronger than the pain and fatigue, miracles can happen.

A delightful film in the purest tradition of classic Italian comedy.


2018: Festa del Cinema di Roma (Alice nella città), Festival du Film Italien de Villerupt (compétition), Festa do Cinema Italiano, International Film Festival of Guadalajara (Premio Maguey), Les Rencontres du Cinéma Italien à Grenoble et en Isère, Pink Apple Film Festival, Outshine Film Festival

Basque premiere