Dir: Elia K. Schneider

Scr: Fernando Butazzoni, Elia K. Schneider

Cast: Luis Fernández, Prakriti Maduro, Mimi Lazo, Karina Velasquez, Carlota Sosa, Julie Restifo, Alberto Alifa, Tamara Adrian, Juan Andres Belgrave.

Venezuela, Uruguay, Peru | 2016 | 115’|drama

O.V. Spanish with English subtitles

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This extraordinary biopic follows the true story of Venezuela’s first transgender politician Tamara Adrián. Tamara leaves Paris behind to take care of his sick mother. Burying the past life, before her transition she builds a conservative life as a successful lawyer, devoted husband and father. Once determined to follow her heart and show her real self, this will turn her whole world upside down. Committed to the decision, Tamara embraces the transition process, followed by a sex reassignment surgery, putting her life at risk. Then, a lengthy battle with Venezuelan authorities and social environment over misgendered ID papers starts.

A true story full of strength and passion that allows us to discover first-hand the life of Tamara Adrián – activist, pioneer and example for the Latin American trans community.

Estreinaldia Euskadin

FESTIVALS: 35 Outfest Los Angeles, Fancinegay 2017, Milan IFF 2017 (Best Director, Best Actor, Best Music), Chicago FF 2017, Santa Barbara Int. Film Fest. (Best Film)