Dir: Rodrigo Bellott

ScrRodrigo Bellott

Cast: Oscar Martínez, Rossy de Palma, Fernando Barbosa

Bolivia, USA, Spain | 2019 | 110’ | Fic

O.V. English and Spanish, with English and Spanish subtitles


In Bolivia, Jorge meets his son’s ex­-boyfriend Sebastián over an accidental Skype chat during which Jorge reveals that his son Gabriel has committed suicide. This encounter-full of guilt, regret, and anger ­triggers an unexpected turn as Jorge decides to go to New York to find out what happened to Gabriel, meet Sebastián and their friends, and find answers to the questions he desperately seeks. Jorge arrives full of prejudice and fear, but encounters a community of people full of hope and strength despite their history of personal and collective oppression. The stories of Jorge, Sebastián, and Gabriel, each in a different time, gradually intertwine and finally come together in a transcendent moment of shared recognition that has surprising resonance throughout their home country.

Cinematographic adaptation, featuring a spectacular Rossy de Palma, of an essential play where it is blatantly obvious that a lack of communication is more fatal than fear.


2019: L. A. Outfest (Award best screenplay), Newfest, Miami International Film Festival

2020: Palm Springs International Film Festival

European premiere