Dir: Bruce LaBruce

ScriptBruce LaBruce

Cast: Gertrud Stammheim, Susanne Sachsse, Jonathan Johnson

Germany, Canada | 2017 | 55’

O.V. German and English with Spanish subtitles

Jürgen Brüning Filmproduktion > producer@ottothezombie.de

Doctor Julia Feifer arrives at a scientific conference with an organ box containing the brain of the real Ulrike Meinhof, which is directing her to lead a new feminist revolution. To that end, she is searching for the ideal female body to transplant Ulrike’s brain into. Her arch-rival, Detlev Schlesingeran extreme right-wing ideologue, arrives at the conference with the ashes of Michael Kühnen, the former German neo-Nazi leader and infamous homosexual who died of AIDS in 1989. What will happen when they meet?

Basque premiere

FESTIVALS: Teddy, Sitges 50, Berlinale 2017, FICG México 2017, Sicilia Queer FilmFest, Queer Lisboa 21, Sitges 50, Kuir Bogotá International & Art Queer Festival 2017