During these times, when the healthcare situation has forced us to reduce the number of people allowed in cinemas and led to a generalised halt in production, we want to put a spotlight on all of the spaces that are working to develop and raise awareness about Queer film.  

So, after a successful first year, Zinegoak is consolidating its commitment to connecting film engaged with sexual diversity and the audiovisual industry with a ZG/PRO centred on production, ranging from the areas that foster and nourish creators’ ideas all the way through to distribution platforms. 

We are beginning with a meeting between different representatives from organisations and companies that, through a range of disciplines, highlight LGBTI+ people’s stories and the professionalism required to carry out an audiovisual work. They furthermore make use of the benefits provided by digital platforms. 

We will review work from the British platform Lesflicks, an online viewing channel that focuses on works with a lesbian and bisexual argument, and from Incoproduction, a digital audiovisual marketplace that matches projects seeking financing and/or distribution with demand for the same. 

We will be accompanied by Music Library & SFX, a company that provides 360º musical supervisory services, and our partner festival Lesgaicinemad will present its Queer Cine Lab – LGBTIQ+ Ideas Lab and Film Project Competition, which took place last November for the second time.

These will be followed by the Work in Progress space, which will present LGBT+ audiovisual projects at varying stages of development to international programmers, local industry and film schools. 

We will have about ten Basque and Spanish works this year and a highlight will be an Award for Musical Post-production granted by Music Library & SFX, which will include a flat rate for access to AudioNetwork and AltMusic production catalogues and Acorde 360º musical supervisory services. Discounts on charges for negotiating commercial music rights and the provision of studios and SFX. Worth an estimated total of €1,500.

The prize will be awarded by the programmers of the Europa Sur International Network of LGBTI+ Festivals.

The festival audience can watch the professional workshops online with free access via our Vimeo channel (vimeo.com/zinegoakfestival).

It will end with two special screenings. La Cançó Pop, a fictional feature film directed by Raúl Portero, which took part in the Work In Progress Section of ZG/PRO 2020 as a project under development. And the presentation of the first episode of the web series on trans realities Ni Naiz Naizena, produced by Izar Films and Gehitu, which was also presented as a project in 2019. 

Both screenings will take place at the Sala Bastida de Azkuna Zentroa and admission will be free until capacity is reached. The first will be screened at 13:00 and the second at 17:30 and they will each last about one hour.

Lastly, we will have the fourth Europa Sur International Network of LGBTI+ Festivals workshop, through which Zinegoak will continue to work on strengthening networks and connections with LGTBI+ organisations, events and festivals.


ZG/PRO PROGRAMME – March, 10th

10:00 – 11:00 Queer Markets & Labs. (In English, live from our Vimeo’s channel).

11:00 – 13:00 Work in Progress. (Online, from our Vimeo’s channel and on site, open to the audience).

17:30 – 18:30 Ni Naiz Naizena webserie’s presentation; with Aitzole Araneta, Izaskun Arandia and Asociación Gehitu.