Erreka Mari

Erreka Mari

Erreka Mari

A voice repressed by the constraints of normativity, repressed by education in the Basque Country in the nineties, when television was watched a lot and words like harassment or hypersexualisation were rarely heard. An overlooked child, who cannot renounce love, is willing to sacrifice the most valuable thing he/she has in order to be desirable. A free revision of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid, where an ageless question is posed: Do you want to get rid of your fishtail?

Dir: Javier Lara

Play: Javier Lara, Egoitz Sánchez

Cast: Egoitz Sánchez

Euskera: Kepa Errasti

Pro: Doña Perfectita

V.O. eus

27 June

Muxikebarri (Sala Arrigunaga Aretoa)- Getxo