M de Mães

M de Mães

M de Mães

M is for Mothers

Marcela and Melanie are living in Sao Paulo, Brazil. When Melanie gets pregnant, Marcela decides to induce lactation, so the two mothers can both breastfeed their newborns. While Melanie spends her days idealizing the birth, Marcela takes hormones and stimulates her breasts. Together they start the journey of becoming mothers.

   2023 Frameline. Festival Internacional de Cine LGBTQ+ San Francisco; Out On Film. Festival de Cine LGBTQ Atlanta; Perlen. Festival de Cine Queer Hanóver; Mezipatra. Festival de Cine Queer Praga-Brno; Festival MixBrasil de Cultura y Diversidad São Paulo; For Rainbow. Festival de Cine y Cultura, Diversidad Sexual y de Género Fortaleza.


Doc / 2023 / 86 min

Dir: Lívia Perez

Scr: Lívia Perez, Marcela Tiboni, Melanie Graille

Cast: Marcela Tiboni, Melanie Graille, Bernardo Tiboni Graille, Iolanda Tiboni Graille, Clotilde

Prod: Lívia Perez, Giovanni Francischelli

Comp. Prod: Doctela

V.O. por

Subt cast

Golem – 25 june – 19:30