An exhilarating look at ten Athenian drag performers who deconstruct gender, nationalism, belonging, identity, while facing police brutality, transphobia and racism. As entertaining as it is thought-provoking, the film challenges societal norms and reshapes perceptions about LGBTQ+ culture by capturing the intimate lives of a tightly-knit group of drag performers, proving that being othered never felt so familiar.

 IFFR. Festival Internacional de Cine de Róterdam; Festival Internacional de Cine de Salónica, Premio Especial del Jurado; Wicked Queer. Festival de Cine LGBT de Boston; IDFF. Artdocsfest Riga; Festival Internacional de Cine de Innsbruck; XPOSED! Festival de Cine Queer Berlín.


Doc / 2024 / 92 min

Dir: Fil Leropoulos

Scr: Foivos Dousos

Cast: Kangela Tromokratisch, Er Libido, Aurora Paola Morado Parakatyanova, Sergay Parakatyanov, Mcmorait Cotsos, Lala Kolopi, Veronique Tromokratisch, Cruela Tromokratisch

Prod: Foivos Dousos, Sebastian Strakowicz

Comp. Prod: FYTA Films,  Fil Ieropoulos

V.O. gre


Golem – 29 june – 22:o0