Die Anhörung

Die Anhörung

Die Anhörung

The Hearing

Four asylum seekers had their applications rejected by Swiss authorities. In a drab, anonymous room, they were forced to account for their lives, with every word and gesture recorded and used in judgement against them. But how can we prove our life story, without a physical record beyond our own experience, to those who have not lived it?

 2024 Premios del Cine Suizo, Gran Premio; CPH:DOX. Festival Internacional de Documentales de Copenhague.


Doc / 2023 / 80 min

Dir / Scr: Lisa Gerig

Prod: Eva Vitija, Maurizius Stärkle

Comp. Prod: Ensemble Films

V.O. gsw, eng, per, fra, dra


Golem – 25 june – 17:30