Life Is Not A Competition, But I’m Winning

Life Is Not A Competition, But I’m Winning

Life Is Not A Competition, But I’m Winning

A collective of queer athletes enters the Olympic Stadium in Athens and sets out to honour those who were excluded from standing on the winners’ podium. They meet Amanda Reiter, a trans* marathon runner who has to struggle with the prejudices of sports organisers and Annet Negesa, a 800m runner who was urged by the international sports federations to undergo hormone-altering surgery. Together they create a radical utopia far from the rigid gender rules in competitive sports.

  2023 La Biennale. Festival Internacional de Cine de Venecia; Festival de Cine de Hamburgo; Premios First Step, Premio Michael Ballhaus Mejor Fotografía; Festival Internacional de Cine de Mujeres Dortmund – Colonia; DocLisboa. Festival Internacional de Cine; Festival de Cine Queer Múnich; Festival Internacional de Cine Queer Hamburgo; Festival de Cine Black Nights de Tallin; 14Films. Festival Around the World in 14 Films Berlín.


Doc / 2023 / 79 min

Dir / Scr:Julia Fuhr Mann

Cast: Annet Negesa, Amanda Reiter, Caitlin Fisher, Daniel Marin Medina, Chun Mei Tan, Eva Maria Jost, Jakob Levi Stahlberg, Oumou Aidara, Greta Graf

Prod: Melissa Byrne, Sophie Ahrens, Fabian Altenried, Kristof Gerega

Comp. Prod: Schuldenberg Films, Universidad de Televisión y Cine de Múnich, ZDT/ 3sat

V.O. ger


Golem – 27 june – 17:30