Queer (Un)Belongings

Queer (Un)Belongings

Queer (Un)Belongings

Film in two parts consisting of interviews with seven artists who live in the Basque Country, identify as LGBTQ+ and are marked by different histories of migration. In the first part, the participating artists are Gerri Cruz, Atic H. Deba, Camila Téllez and Anaís Córdova-Páez, while the second part features Komba Mingomba, Styles Osunde and Leo Bueriberi. The project focuses on the intersections between queerness, artistic practices and migrancy with the intention to create discourse on these issues in the Basque context and to break with linear and simplifying imaginations of belonging, be it in terms of gender, sexuality or geo-political territories.


Doc / 2024 / 108 min

DirEszter Katalin

Cast: Gerri Cruz, Atic H. Deba, Camila Téllez, Anaís Córdova-Páez, Komba Mingomba, Styles Osunde, Leo Bueriberi

Prod: Eszter Katalin, Meri Salazar, Zinegoak, Histeria, Sra Polaroiska

V.O. cast

BilbaoArte – 26 june – 19:45