Dir: Laura Martínez Duque, Nadina Marquisio


Colombia, Argentina | 2017 | 71′

O.V. Spanish

Nadina Marquisio > nadina.marquisio@gmail.com

Norma and Cachita were both 68 years old when they became the first women to lawfully marry in Latin America, after having spent years fighting for same-sex marriage legislation to be approved in Argentina. The documentary tells the story of their journey, as they return to Colombia, the country where this couple – an Argentinean and Uruguayan – first met thirty years ago.

The perfect blend of a fascinating story, the ideal distance from which to tell it, unforgettable lead characters and emotion from the first to the last frame.

Spanish premiere

FESTIVALS: Cinéma du Réel 2017, Queer Lisboa 21, Queer Porto 3, Bogota IFF 2017