Zinegoak is organized by Zinegoak Association and will take place in the city of Bilbao, Spain, March 2023.


All films which have an approach to sexual and gender diversity and LGTBQ+ families, which have been produced after January 1st, 2023 and never had been broadcasted or commercially released in Basque Country.


In order to enter the pre-selection stage for Zinegoak 2023, the inscription must be sent before October 31st 2022. Should include the online inscription fully filled out and signed or stamped by the direction or the producer, to:

and inscriptions through Festome

or by e-mail

An online screener, preferably with spanish or english subtitles.

The registration will only be accepted if it is fully completed.



The organisation will inform the producers or the representatives of the selection before January 16th 2023 and will not be made public before February 2023.

The selected films will be divided into 4 sections depending on their duration and characteristics: FIK feature films (films over 45 minutes), DOK feature documentaries (films over 45 minutes), KRAK feature films and documentaries, and short films (films under 45 minutes)

Zinegoak could use up to 90 seconds of the film images for promotional purposes.


The producers or representatives of the films included in the official selection must:

Provide a projection copy (Bluray, H264 or DCP) before January 30th 2023. Incomplete copies, in bad condition, with poor quality or in a different support than those specified, will not be accepted.

In case the film needs to be subtitled:

  • subtitle file (srt) and/or dialogue list in Spanish, if it had any.
  • subtitle file (srt) and/or dialogue list in English or french, before January 30th 2019.
  • Clean (no subtitles) movie trailer (mov, mp4, H264) full HD
  • 3 frames, film poster, director’s photo in high resolution (300 ppp)

Projection copies might be also send via e-mail or to the following address:

Asociación Zinegoak Elkartea (Zinegoak IFF) C/ Dos de Mayo 7 bajo izq, 48003 Bilbao – Bizkaia (Spain)

In case of not receiving the required materials by the due dates, the organization reserves the right to remove the film from the competition. Once selected for Zinegoak 2023, no film can be removed before its last screening.


The cost of postage for sending the projection-ready copy will be the responsibility of the producer or representatives of each film. In order to avoid customs duties and delays, it is best to write “ACTIVIDAD CULTURAL SIN VALOR COMERCIAL” (cultural activity without commercial value) on the box containing the projection-ready copy.

Zinegoak will cover the cost of postage for returning the projection-ready copy to the producer or representatives. All copies will be returned to the address of origin, except when instructed otherwise. In this case, the producer or representatives must send an e-mail, both stating the new address, as well as authorizing that the film will be returned there.

Zinegoak will insure the copies from the moment of their arrival at the Festival offices or at the premises of its customs agent, until such time as they are returned. Under no circumstances Zinegoak will be responsible for damage or loss during shipment.



Zinegoak will agree on the composition of the Selection Committee and the respective Juries for each of the categories and / or prizes. These bodies will be composed of people related to cinematography and / or LGBTIQ+ activism and their decisions will be final.



  • FIK Feature Film International Jury (3 members)
  • DOK Documentary Film International Jury (3 members)
  • KRAK New Narratives Films International Jury (3members)
  • Basque Actors Association Jury. 3 members of the Association.
  • Youth Jury. Students of different schools and student organizations (up to 20 members)
  • Diversity and Human Rights Jury. 3 members belonging to Human Rights organizations and Film Festivals.
  • Lesbianism and Gender Jury. Integrated by lesbian and feminist local and regional organizations.
  • Senior Jury, 10-15 +65 years people.



Winners will be announced at Zinegoak’s Closing Ceremony and divided in the following categories:

Zinegoak FIK Award, to the best FIK Feature, awarded by the International FIK Jury

Zinegoak DOK Award, to the best DOK Feature, awarded by the International DOK Jury.

Zinegoak KRAK Award, to the best KRAK Feature, awarded by the International KRAK Jury.

Zinegoak Grand Prix to the best 2023 feature (4.000€), sponsored by ETB. Awarded to the winning work in one of the 3 official categories of the festival that adds the highest number of points in the public voting.

Zinegoak’s Audience Award to Best Short Film (1.000 Euros), sponsored by Euskaltel

The Basque Actors Union will award:

  • Best Main Performance on a Feature Film
  • Best Secondary Performance on a Feature Film

Youth Award to the best Short film.

Senior Award to the best Short film.

Diversity and Human Rights Award (3.000 Euros), sponsored by the Department for Social Action and Citizen’s Rights of Bizkaia Provincial Council, to the film which better treats the situation of human and social rights all around the world.

Lesbianism and Gender Award (1.500 Euros), sponsored by the Area of Equality, Cooperation, Diversity and Festivities of the Council of Bilbao, to the film which better treats the subject of lesbianism and gender.

In addition to the official awards, the jurors may grant as many mentions as they deem appropriate, all without any remuneration whatsoever.

The awards endowment is subject to the retentions established by the current law, which will be deducted from the delivery of the prize. Half of the award (50%) will be allocated for the distributor of the award-winning film in Spain, if available at the time of the award or in the course of the year 2023. The rest of the amount (the other 50% of the whole if the winner does not have a distributor in Spain) will be destined to the person responsible of the direction of the film. The corresponding monetary prize will be divided into as many equal parts as directors had the work, if necessary.

The prizes will be paid by means of a nominal bank transfer during the year 2023. If any of the winning films could generate any expenses of screening, fiscal procedure or others, the corresponding amount would be deducted from the prize. Once the prize-winners had been decided, the producer of the winning film must indicate the bank information for the monetary income of the prize amount to the festival organization. If this information is not transmitted within nine months, the producer will lose its right to claim any amount.



The winning works (prizes or mentions) in this contest are required to display in all their publicity the legend and logos provided by the organization.



The present rules are published in Basque Language, Spanish and English. Where there is any doubt, divergence or ambiguity, the Spanish version will be the valid one.

The participation in Zinegoak 2023 implies the total acceptance of these rules, and the decisions that the team of Zinegoak could make.