ZG/PRO WIP 2023 will present two important matters before the pitching sessions.

To start, DAMA—Spanish management entity specialized in the collection, management and distribution of rights of audiovisual media authors—will present a master class about the relationship between rights management and film production.

Secondly, the First Report on Sexual, Identity and Gender Diversity in Contemporary Basque Audiovisual—made by Zinegoak Elkartea Association for the Directorate of Cultural Promotion of the Basque Government—will be presented. It is a basic tool to to carry out a realistic diagnosis of LGTBIQ+ representations in audiovisual platforms and to be able to assess their future evolution.

After these presentations, the ZG/PRO Award selected in-production projects—granted by the Jury, made up of professionals from the film sector—will be pitched. These projects are also eligible for the Music Post-Production Award, awarded by Music Library & SFX, which consists of a flat fee with access to the AudioNetwork and AltMusic production catalogues, as well as 360º Accord Music Supervision services; discounts on commercial music rights negotiation charges and the provision of studios and SFX. The prize will be awarded by the Jury ZG/PRO WIP 2023 consisting of €1,500 and granted by Music Library & SFX.


First Report on Sexual, Identity and Gender Diversity in Contemporary Basque Audiovisuals

For some time, Zinegoak association—responsible for the Bilbao International Gaylesbitrans Film and Performing Arts Festival—has been trying to develop a tool that brings concrete and systematized information about the representation of sexual diversity, identity and gender in audiovisual production.

Thanks to the initiative of the Department of Culture and Linguistic Policy of the Basque Government, Zinegoak carried out this first study on the representation of diversity in the Basque audiovisual panorama from a gender perspective and an intersectional perspective. This will allow us to offer a first snapshot of how diversity is reflected in Basque audiovisual.

This study covers the years 2020, 2021 and 2022 in order to have a larger sample and obtain a comparative framework that will allows us to observe, year after year, how this representation evolves.

We hope that this tool will be useful to institutions, producers, audiovisual artists and other agents responsible for audiovisual content involved also in its production in order to carry to audiovisual platforms, storiestellers, references, and individuals, an increasingly adjusted vision of sexual diversity, identity and gender.

We invite you to the presentation of this tool within the framework of the ZG/PRO professional days. You can also read it in our website.


Izaskun Arandia

With extensive experience in film and television production, Arandia worked for well-known media companies in the UK (TwoFour, Discovery Channel, BAFTA) before founding IZAR Films in 2010, and produced and wrote her first feature film documentary “To Say Goodbye”, Premiered at the SSIFF – San Sebastián International Film Festival. Based in the Basque Country since 2013, Izaskun has produced and directed several short films, and has produced 7 feature length documentaries such as the multi award-winning Non dago Mikel? (Where is Mikel?, 2020). Along with Gehitu Association she directed the web series Ni naiz naizena (I Am Who I Am) that earned several international awards. She currently teaches at Mondragón University and Premiered her debut feature film My Way Out on March 31 2023.

Ainhoa González Sanchiz

Head for Creative Europe Desk MEDIA Euskadi’s office from where she works in the promotion of Basque cinema. She has participated in the most important international markets of Europe and has been actively involved in organizing innovative and active presentations/workshops – important tools for education and networking – between Basque but also European film professionals.

Priscila Robledo

Since January 2023 co-artistic director of MiX International LGTBIQ+ Film Festival and Queer Culture in Milan, she has been working for MiX Fest since 2018 as programmer, international relations manager, sponsorship manager and producer; programmer for Immaginaria film festival; producer of documentaries (La Bufera, 2019; Le ali non sono in vendita, 2021). She is also involved in the industry workshops of Milano Film Network. When she is not working for the film festival industry, she works as a legal sustainability consultant.

Peter Stephens

Partner of Music Library &SFX, sub-editor and exclusive representative for Spain of the Audio Networkproduction music catalogue. Experienced project coordinator, among his contributions stands out the management of collaborations, his involvement in ML&SFX/Acorde (music supervision division) events and the development of the AltMusic catalog. Through the publishing and production company AltContent, he is co-producer of the documentary My Way Out, by Izaskun Arandia, released in cinemas in March 2023.



Egoitz Arbiol Albeniz, Ibai Fresnedo


Hiruki Larroxa Kooperatiba

Armairutik plazara

People have history. A partial story, since the history of LGTBIQ+ people is not usually part of people’s popular history… until now. This documentary collects the voices of people with LGTBIQ+ experience in Hernani, the violence and resistance of the sex-generic dissidents, thus expanding and recognizing the collective memory of which we are part and the one that shapes us. 


Diego A. Collat


Markel Ganboa Melero

Jaula de vapor

Christmas eve: An accidental encounter in a gay sauna. Between the vapors desires, party, frustrations, sexual attractions, power and many other issues mix together. What begins as a night of peace and good omens will soon become a love triangle of which none of the three protagonists will be able to leave.


Iván Aránega Tortosa


Iván Aránega Tortosa

Masculinidades encontradas

Through hundreds of photographs found in half-world trails and landfills as in current histories, Masculinidades encontradas searches for the consequences of masculinity stereotypes on a social and personal level.


Sonia Martí Gallego


Gema Arquero


Maya (26) prepares to visit her girlfriend Ruth (23) in her small town in Spain, when she receives unexpected news: Ruth has died in an accident. The hard knock along with the anxiety of presenting herself as the “guiri bride” in front of family and friends, turns to bewilderment upon seeing that no one knows who she is. Completely lost, she discovers a new Ruth for herself.


Irene Bailo Carramiñana


José Alberto Andrés Lacasta – Du Cardelin; Odile Méndez-Bonito Magniez – Corpus Films


The summer of 2015 celebrates many things. I lived with friends in a transfeminist squat in Toulouse. The TDB was a landmark for the queer community. Queer-Me shows the euphoria of those months, my transformation and the personal journey that took me to that place that changed my life.